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I've seen how different the internet can look in rural areas, esp in developing countries. Changes by access ($) but also law/culture

Twitter: @Bennnyv

@sukigadaisuki I thought it's only slow in china lol I guess in all developing countries YouTube video is much slower...

Twitter: @Merlynpink

"@ObadiasNdaba: Developing countries lose $2 for every $1 gained" especially Africa

Twitter: @tinashechirape

frozen cuts waste by 50% #frozenfood #captaingoesgreen #GFSS1 Tech can prevent food waste in developing countries

Twitter: @rivelinlime

RT @ProSyn: "Increased enrollment in secondary schools offers advantages to all levels of society" (Ahmad & Cohen)

Twitter: @siete_pe

Developing countries lose $2 for every $1 gained

Twitter: @ObadiasNdaba