Topic: Discount Rate
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Super #promoción de @sunnsandhotel: Upto 25% off on Best Available Rate discount - Sun n Sand Mumbai > 'Sun n Sand

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“Among the colleges that close, expect to see a trend: growing discount rates + shrinking enrollments” #highered

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“colleges can leverage discounts to increase revenue, at least if they are increasing enrollment” @highered

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RT @BehindTheSiren: Do you think they'll give us a discount rate for tandem carpal tunnel surgeries? #longdistancerelationships

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Why do Munger and Buffett discount the future cash flows at the 30-year U.S. Treasury Rate? -> via @trengriffin

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RT @Wonkhe: "The RAB charge has become a byword for artificiality" - @amcgettigan analyses RAB, loans and the discount rate:…

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