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Portland Drains 50-Million Gallon Drinking Water Reservoir After Teen Urinates In Water #pdx

Twitter: @ShiftPDX

chanyeol commenting on suho drinking water like its weird for human beings to drink water

Twitter: @thugsuho

Think I'm just retaining water. I drink about two cups an hour for ever hour I'm awake. Sooo..... I'm drinking almost 20 cups daily.

Twitter: @ChocoTheWriter

RT @__laReine: I've been drinking water. No sugary drinks. I'm sure this is what death feels like

Twitter: @diellaarchie

“@juanalcantara05: Drinking water in the club. #Yolo #Neta” @ShitPussiesSay

Twitter: @Juicy_H_Mane

RT @fuunyyjokes: Yuck! Check out all this disgusting stuff that's been found in drinking water...…

Twitter: @whattheffact_

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