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@pitbull i hope you're drinking enough water Armando! i googled the weather in miami, u don't want to get dehydrated! dalé xx

Twitter: @indiegroupie

God I wish I were in an island right now, preferably Puerto Rico cuz of the food and legal drinking age...and warm ocean water 😫

Twitter: @priskillakillaa

I honestly have to start back drinking water everyday I been stuck on juice & tea lately

Twitter: @light_brightbri

Water water water filtering out my body lol my stomach so mad at me for drinking 😔 lol

Twitter: @UWantThis_D

Drinking plenty of water @jjvirgin is one #detox go to for me. Second #supplements.

Twitter: @LLiebermanWang

RT @DarrellBird: Za'Darius Smith scares me even when he's drinking water. Can't wait to see him on field in 2014.

Twitter: @sammiesanders

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