Topic: Drinking Age
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Drinking Age on twitter
It would be nice to go to a bar with a min drinking age of 21, ya know? #noLGsandLBs

Twitter: @warknockers

RT @FarfalleAlfredo: #MyWorstBirthday The year I turned 18, they raised the drinking age to 21.

Twitter: @lfw1la

I can never get over the fact that the legal drinking age in America is 21

Twitter: @Teleisha_Louise

Most Americans against lowering legal drinking age, Gallup poll finds -

Twitter: @tophealthtipss

The legal age for drinking in America is 21? Oh God that's so old lol

Twitter: @ThatsSoKiva

@elcapatinolee hit the grand old age of 28 yesterday so tea drinking was all I could manage after a weekend celebrating @GlobalGathering

Twitter: @OllyVallis69