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Oh ok, I think it’s more to do w/ alcohol & drinking age.

Twitter: @MsMocktavia

Guys, my first #Eurovision as a person of legal drinking age is nearly upon us.

Twitter: @TheCatCantina - @AlmostKnowItAll @KarnRateria We're living this age.

Twitter: @Iyertheterrible

Why can't they bring the drinking age down so I can go to the pub tonight???

Twitter: @lifeofconroy

@willgotink ok I take it back.. You still under legal drinking age though

Twitter: @iluvPiiNKduuuh

RT @Kirsty_M22: can't believe a saw a bunch of folk over the age of 20 in quarry park drinking, listening to music and on the swings😂😳

Twitter: @AnjaHanekom

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