Topic: Drinking Age
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Drinking Age on twitter
Heavy drinking is dangerous, no matter your age.

Twitter: @OKSocialHost

RT @briwills17: I'll move to Mexico before Obama makes the drinking age 25 #fucktht

Twitter: @ComMoneymaking7

RT @iamcam_x: why does the change of the drinking age matter ? everyone still gonna drink 😂😂 it dont change nothin

Twitter: @TheDalaiLama_

Drinking age in Paris is unknown. Drinks on me for whoever decides to drop by

Twitter: @hockeymiranda

@LizCzachowski my stalking skills have upped like 20 levels since I bought tickets. I'm a legal drinking age in canada so I can go anywhere

Twitter: @JillianSmith94

RT @TallySchwenk: they're really changing the drinking age to 25???? BITCH WHAT

Twitter: @mancinigaia1