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RT @Ceece_bby: Honestly once you hit that age drinking and partying aint all that anymore

Twitter: @trickdaddyvee

The legal drinking age in the Bahamas is 18!!!! 😆 #TurnDown4What #BirthdayBehavior #11DaysAway

Twitter: @Dark_nLovely95

Still don't understand why the drinking age isn't 18

Twitter: @jareddunlop1

@3AW693 Seeing how irresponsible they can be, we should definitely lift drinking age to 21. Atleast they would have gone through Uni-mature.

Twitter: @AndySocka

@DeanmonZayn Nah my cousins live next door & they were having a bday party & all my cousins my age migrated to my yard & we started drinking

Twitter: @landofthedamned

RT @BellaAshlynn: Luke and Calum are probably dreading coming back to America bc the drinking age is 21

Twitter: @MorganMcCarthy0

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