Topic: Drinking Age
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Drinking Age on twitter
@dcaron28 @donnelly612 your dad and I have that in common then. Tho the drinking age was younger then...

Twitter: @wx_dave

@LloydBanksPaPow voting, driving, drinking, etc. If you can pass a skills/maturity test, those privileges should be allowed, not age based.

Twitter: @mueller623

@donnelly612 apparently...Dad wasn't even of legal drinking age yet

Twitter: @dcaron28

Errrbody needs to go to this show! Well, unless you're under the legal drinking age. Also, go like our page >-...

Twitter: @FrankstrDevious

.@hiya_elle Let us recall 18 is legal drinking age in my homeland🍸

Twitter: @hiya_elle

I feel like I am at the age where I can fulfill my dream of starting a book club that spends equal time discussing literature and drinking🍷📚

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