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A drug, broadly speaking, is a substance used as a medicine or narcotic.
"Drug." WordNet 3.0, Princeton University, via Retrieved on 2007-09-20. There is no single, precise definition, as there are different meanings in medicine, government regulations, and colloquial usage...

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Vintage 1950s Coca Cola button sign - double sided flange drug store sign collectables

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My Opponent Is Palling Around With Drug Companies, Tribal Warlords And Flight Attendants. xnxrteuvvln

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Go to class. Unless you may drug dealer I need it when I want it.

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RT @itsdariatbh: I either dress like im going to a red carpet event or like im a homeless drug addict, there is no in between.

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@KIARAH_ good luck with that I didn't hear from them lol so that means I failed the drug test

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RT @HuffingtonPost: Study: New heart failure drug shows big promise

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