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Depressing fact of the day- There are more people behind bars today for a drug offense than there were in 1980 for all offenses combined.

Twitter: @rfoster112

@David_Spellman Thoughts on lesser penalties for 1st offenses for + drug tests in the NCAA?

Twitter: @CheapSeats39

Non-violent drug offenses were the cause of 11% of those deported last year #immigrationreform #drugwar...

Twitter: @latinobcproject

The Drug War = Mass Deportation: 250,000 Deported for Drug Offenses in Last 6 Years

Twitter: @DelMarbrook

RT @ohsomelo_: 5X as many whites are using drugs than AA yet AA's are sent to prison for drug offenses 10X the rate of whites.

Twitter: @SandyCheekz32

RT @FeministRapture: @MochaLisaccino @TheRoot POC get longer sentences for non-violent minor drug offenses like marijuana than this racist …

Twitter: @RasberryBeret85

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