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Also drug stores need to step up their game and sell more cruelty free makeup brands.

Twitter: @SarahSkylar180

Now that I no longer have a job that might drug test, I should really get a medical marijuana card. The stores that will sell recreational

Twitter: @RaavynnDigital

Drug dealers go to fabric stores

Twitter: @HarkinsO

@WhoaGxD @izgotbeer I've always called liquor stores the packie. Not drug stores tho lol

Twitter: @kccoBruins86

@ProgKingHugs Well we have a 24-hour Pharmaprix (Eh, Shopper's Drug Mart) and Dépanneurs (Convenience stores). Priced are jacked up, though.

Twitter: @vikingunicorn

Black Friday is to Retail Stores as 420 is to Drug Dealers

Twitter: @swethiopian