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@Adam_Stirling if you wanted to hurt oil cos *and think you will succeed* why on earth would you want to keep holding their stock?

Twitter: @MarkAllerton

Im thankful for my wife! Strongest woman on this earth. Glad I let you trap me 18 years ago! 💕💕😂😂 @NevesDana

Twitter: @Kanineves

RT @DwarfOfDurin: @RavnaofErebor "Aye." He turned his gaze towards the monolith rising from the earth before them. "Indeed it does, and it …

Twitter: @RavnaofErebor

@Babo_Sarang every thanksgiving until the earth explodes.

Twitter: @ImNotMyTweets

Earth's most abundant mineral finally has a name in @ScienceNews

Twitter: @SumnerScience

RT @AnxietyIsMe: i can still picture you in my head laughing as you dance in the clouds of heaven, smiling at me down on earth. -R.i.p..

Twitter: @mxyeduh

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