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Free school meals: Lib Dems promise to expand policy to all primary school pupils in next parliament (Google Alerts)

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@Bobby Jindal: Common Core standards, are "an effort by the Obama administration, to meddle in state education policy." States must wake up!

Twitter: @deen_jr

Jindal "says the education department's policy 'effectively forces states down a path toward a national curriculum,'" a Common Core Coup!

Twitter: @deen_jr

Why change #economic #policy based on income data? See #education #politics #metacognition #psych

Twitter: @ERozycki

RT @Loreto_Maths: In the wake of the first female Fields Medal winner, we’re thinking about this:

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RT @localschools_uk: .@xtophercook finds Nicky Morgan confused - or confusing - in her 1st policy, on ebacc:

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