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Your parents have been schooling you for years & spending lots of money on your education. Make their effort worth it & be a dutiful child.

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@pujamehra I read a report in your paper sometime back that by just spending more by 1% in the last 40 yrs and focussing more on education

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@wreck_it_clarky well im sure you have been spending you time with well education people

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States Are Prioritizing Prisons Over Education, Budgets Show via @HuffPostPol #everythingbackwards

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RT @JonCaldara: .@WSJ: The Top 10 Liberal Superstitions. #1 is more spending improves #education #copolitics #coleg …

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..spending priorities ...with 18pc reporting that they would spend to improve their education. 11pc said they would increase their savings.

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