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Education System on twitter
RT @arthurbrooks: College is an unusually high-risk, high-reward proposition for young Americans, compared to other countries.…

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@Timmiluvs Good ole' United States education system

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@BioZero216 We use subtitles and for the record, our education system is by far the best in the world when measured as a nation.

Twitter: @Agent001X

should clarify i don't hate german or germany i just hate the education of it, the examination system and my lessons/class/teacher

Twitter: @peachphan

RT @MindsConsole: our education system ;)

Twitter: @magcon_bae_2409

RT @CushycraftsUK: Fairs fair, if u come here 2work, pay in2 the system u demand the right 2use #tax #NI #NHS #schools #education #romanian…

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