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@CarersAustralia response to exposure draft of the Government’s new employment assistance model #becareaware

Twitter: @Carers_SA

@funlibertarian the employment numbers put out by the gov't are a joke. Labor participation is at an all time low as are those on disability

Twitter: @CommonSenser1

RT @MikePMoffatt: Here's a chart on male employment that will change a few narratives:

Twitter: @maricallah

I honestly never imagined I'd get to employ someone. Generating employment feels awesome. I love pay day.

Twitter: @ATeamMrA

Does Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics' employment status impact the chances of receiving a Kidney Transplant?

Twitter: @KidneyBuzz

RT @gorgeousdunny1: Abetz concedes 40 jobs per month Newstart rule could be 'box-ticking' via @guardian Minister Aga…

Twitter: @carolemorrissey