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RT @9Iola137: Energy prices began falling last summer, but economists are stumped on what consumers are doing with the extra money. They’re…

Twitter: @randell70210

RT @BankruptingAm: Obama and the EPA want energy policies that will make utility prices skyrocket for those who can least afford it. http:/…

Twitter: @foundationists

RT @jon_swindon: Energy Firms Are Overcharging 3 in 4 Households & the Tories Are Letting Them Get Away With It http…

Twitter: @lke73_historian

Good to see coverage of UK supporting disastrous power privatisation in Nigeria from @Ken_Henshaw + @GlobalJusticeUK

Twitter: @christineehaigh

"There is a dark side to employment that coincides with the fall in energy prices" - CEO Nick Ventura

Twitter: @VenturaWealth

RT @Avitusparta: Full version of a highly redacted report into the impacts of fracking on house prices.…

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