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England (pronounced IPA: ) (, Middle English: Engelond) is the largest and most populous constituent countryEngland. URL retrieved on 6 June 2007. of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its inhabitants account for more than 83% of the total population of the United...
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@Jensenb56 in England yet buddy?

Twitter: @Molls_2011

@TBL2524 That was indeed the problem. Your ass would be in England, the rest of you would be heading for Dundee. Unless it was vaporised.

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RT @prodnose: Hoddle has just once again interpreted Maurinho's babble as "shrewd". He used to manage England you know. Didn't pick Gazza. …

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RT @SteveHuison: There's some right shitbags out there but @EricPickles has to sit on the top of the heap. Selling off allotments indeed. A…

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Really tho whos gonna win the world cup this year? I dont think England gona get out their group

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RT @ecobadger: farmers now have to use drones as we have virtually wiped the Raptors out of our skies...

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