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English Language on twitter
I spoke English to my brother from across the aisle in a store and then hella people came up to me to ask me what language I was speaking

Twitter: @_Dragon_kidd

@raghu_555 @harshtalker not all foreign countries have english as their first language. why cant we talk in hindi or any othr lang

Twitter: @sandhudoctor

English clearly not your first language cuz I drag my words

Twitter: @_worstkind

English has too many side-effects, going to move to a pure-functional human language.

Twitter: @dyfrgi

RT @euphonik: This is what happens when you speak to journalist who are challenged in the English language. Anyways...F#ck em.

Twitter: @MpumieSakwe

@DaftLimmy English speaking countries seem to be the only in the world where 'educated' people can't speak their own language.

Twitter: @shanebrowne84