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I'm overwhelmed by the grasp of the English language shown by staff at @asda

Twitter: @AntonyThrower86

"…only one word present in English today retains [wer's] original meaning—a compound word combining wer and wulf"

Twitter: @nkl

@kakaotalk please give an english language option in the Let's Get Rich game. I'm 100% sure many of LINE LGR player are gonna move there.

Twitter: @solangeldev

@melonveins um actually @Eva_Palmer has been known to use the word salty as well We share a unique mastery of the English language

Twitter: @SH_GMandalore

Whoa, I was so excited about the relish that I momentarily lost my grip on the English language. IT'STHAT GOOD.

Twitter: @thewherefores

There's a bunch of people at this table near me and they are all going back and forth between English & another language and I'm so confused

Twitter: @ProfoundBond19