Topic: Ethnic Minorities
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Ethnic Minorities on twitter
RT @OHaganCarmel: Blaming minorities, targeting ethnic groups, false definitions of national pride, rubbishing intellectuals. 1930s Germany…

Twitter: @stevetelfer

RT @Kahduna: When something bad happens in this country ethnic minorities are expected to band up together and show how sorry they are. Go …

Twitter: @lowkeypesh

@kenningtonkitty Is this the white van man who is optimistic at the prospect of pissing off some ethnic minorities with his flags?

Twitter: @Jazifer

#SilentChildAbuse - Is the problem more difficult to identify within ethnic minorities? What issues have you faced? @NNECA_ #CSA #Abused

Twitter: @NNECA_

#WhiteVanMan claims that ethnic minorities don't like him flying English Flag. I'll bet they're not the slightest bit bothered by them.

Twitter: @BigSquee365

@jgrry Working class people shouldn't be discriminated against in the same way that ethnic minorities and (above quote) shouldn't. Apaz.

Twitter: @rosiemaryjane