Topic: Existing Debt
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@petchary @jovanthony @digjamaica current strategy. US$800 Million recently borrowed is actually for repayment of existing debt.

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When buying home, don't charge up existing credit. No large purchases. Too much debt kills the deal. Buy appliances later! #creditsmart

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@Pereira_Joca @neilwilson @pilkingtonphil Proportion of UK debt Scot agrees to take, their existing GBP reserves & any new debt Scot issues

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@carney The "debt" can be zeroed out after sweep removed on the existing funds after sweep removed.

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@Elliot_Clarke Do you want to consolidate all your existing debt into one single, affordable monthly repayment?#shark

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@NraHater @momness1 servicing existing debt is 6% of budget at under 1% paid on savings. even 3% on savings would mean 18% of budget.