Topic: Existing Debt
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#Fitch Assigns Expected Ratings to San Joaquin Hills' Restructuring Debt; Existing on Watch Positive @BusinessWire

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@Harry_Dillema @RafaelStepanian Credit, in debt of a non existing open gap of air, revealing the real illusion of money.

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De facto, the #EU will have to assume the existing debt of #Ukraine to Gazprom #Russia #UK

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@steve_hanke @RichardWellings Genuine "Austerity" is when the Govt spends less than its tax receipts so it can start to repay existing debt.

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Not only is the debt unpayable, it exceeds all of the existing money in the world... which makes you wonder how...

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RT @followmichael88: @ProletariatWISH the problem we have today is we simply create more money I.e debt. Basic income would need to come fr…

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