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@Johnbhoy75 @AnnPettifor meant to add, we talk far too much about existing debt and not enough about new debt..... +

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@Johnbhoy75 @AnnPettifor And if they repudiated their share of existing debt, who would lend to them, and on what terms?

Twitter: @Frances_Coppola

@Johnbhoy75 @AnnPettifor even if Scotland repudiated existing debt, new debt wd have to be in £. Are you assuming Scotland wd not borrow?

Twitter: @Frances_Coppola

@CSAFLfan everyone's £? Only Scotland's oil? New Scotland, Only rUK's debt? New Scotland still in Europe, existing member. Righto.

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#ScotDecides #indyref use £ without CU -default on debt -loose access to ALL existing UK assets both foreign & domestic, cilvilian & militry

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@Kyle_RH_Arnold Salmond said that part of the existing debt belongs to Scotland, but you cannot walk away if currency union not permitted

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