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It should be a persons duty to do good things in life, leave a legacy for their family, practice philanthropy, be driven to succeed.

Twitter: @AaronKingEP

Easy song to practice family members in #Mandarin #Chinese :)

Twitter: @FLY_Nonprofit

It sucks I can't practice this whole weekend cause family is here.

Twitter: @itspabloe

It hurts my feelings how angry my family gets whenever I practice my clarinet... #justtrynamakemusic

Twitter: @emilyfreeman13

Especially the patients/family that refuse to practice home procedures before leaving.

Twitter: @Nurse_Chivette

I want to thank my track family for pushing me hard at practice nd supporting me today nd dis is y I jump 6ft today Cuz u guys nd God. ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

Twitter: @GaymonLeroy