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@Casumptious @RedHotSquirrel "family values" last one who went with that was John Major .. Welfare .. Yes I am sure you do

Twitter: @LiberalIsland

Congrats @HoneyMaidSnacks for not pandering to what is "more marketable", honouring their own values about modern family make-up #NotBroken

Twitter: @mattsfk

@MaggieMulvaney RepSeanDuffy Family Values Sean Duffy dances naked The "REAL DUFFY" $+$$$

Twitter: @52gopher

@MaggieMulvaney @TonetteWalker @RightWisconsin Family Values Sean Duffy dances naked

Twitter: @52gopher

@LiberalIsland @RedHotSquirrel absolutely not Vanessa-#UKIP have family values and welfare at the forefront of our concerns.

Twitter: @Casumptious

Finances,Jobs, prioritizing, politics, budgeting, family values,Everything..I could never thank them enough for those valuable life skills😏

Twitter: @iam_miguel_

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