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My soundtrack: ♫ "Father Figure" by @GeorgeMichael

Twitter: @Frank_ValBoni

I'm not ya father figure but u still my baby girl

Twitter: @StaccaNay

RT @News1130Sports: Just talked to Cliff Ronning about the passing of Pat Quinn. Cliff was shocked to hear the news, called Pat a father fi…

Twitter: @elvispocomo

Happy 37th birthday to my faggot of a stepfather!!! Best father figure I could have☺️🎉🎈

Twitter: @juliakosiackaxx

@boykenan @AndreaTsurumi my father starts all conversations in the middle. I'm used to it. It's a fun little puzzle to figure out. 😁🔫

Twitter: @tonybreed

@Bernidre M. Jordan & Tiger Woods were drowning in vagina. Rape couldn't have been an issue. Is it because Bill was seen as a father figure?

Twitter: @Xenocratos