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RT @NappyHeadZed_: Glad I've got a good father figure in my life.

Twitter: @GawgeousJaay_

My father figure dead so this how a nigga living

Twitter: @BoganKhamari

Now is the time I could of used a father figure in my life...................

Twitter: @VelasquezLuis77

@NotTinubu, must VP be named Tinubu? @AsiwajuTinubu is the father figure APC and PDP know and respect him. Let him remain so.

Twitter: @Oh_Jacobs

Ty said to me " I told the school board I have more respect for Richards than I do my real dad, he's a father figure to me. He loves us"😭❤️

Twitter: @kenzie_clontz

Large Ceramic Father Christmas Santa Statue Figure Lighted Lantern 20 In Tall

Twitter: @sofyblu2

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