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RT @anupamamathur1: My bro....a father figure to me....biggest blessing in my life....happy bhai dooj...

Twitter: @HarbirSinghSuri

never had a father figure, confused as a youth !!!!!!! #NeverChange

Twitter: @_loveLYRICs100_

I feel no sympathy for Roy Williams. A father-figure would know if his players are taking sham classes.

Twitter: @dkurtenbach

When another older make figure in your life cares more than ya own father, it kinda opens up your eyes...

Twitter: @EskiChild

@SonarJose @TLC just setting up the "Flip that Father Figure" spinoff

Twitter: @nick15171517

@clemenza No. He find the father figure that he has always been looking for.

Twitter: @greatbong