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To summarize, Jerry Saltz says Allora & Calzadilla suck.

Twitter: @petitemaoiste

@RajivMessage @GolPuri Another JNU in the making for distorting the history & creating fault lines in the Society GOI should nip evil in bud

Twitter: @SandyPiranha

Well skeptics can find fault lines even in best of is its eg.

Twitter: @maana2006

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor on FIVE Earthquake Fault Lines! How Can We Shut It Down? | OpEdNews

Twitter: @CharlesH226

@crouch_jesse not throwing the ball away and throwing into 3x coverage are not your o-lines fault. & he was bad in 2nd half and OL was good

Twitter: @calebcombs

RT @TheWesleyTyson: That's Clemson's coaches fault who lines up in a shotgun on 4th & 1?

Twitter: @JordanFalls