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"@RevDeuceWindham: @Andrew_Shadda @heathermaru sack on anyone ARE the O-lines fault" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Twitter: @heathermaru

@Andrew_Shadda @heathermaru sack on anyone ARE the O-lines fault =/

Twitter: @RevDeuceWindham

@tompetty Fault Lines , Is That Tom Petty in the Black and white picture , sideways , on the cover , Hypnotic Eye , I think so :-) :-)

Twitter: @bradbeneteau

Exploiting divisive fault lines for campaigns. "@tonypox: @thisIsPhakt @OccupyNaija @Oddy4real careful about?"

Twitter: @thisIsPhakt

@PoliticalAnt @BlueVindication that's because they read between the lines, they want to find things of fault...

Twitter: @JamesFoyt

VERY IN DEPTH EH! Ferguson: Race and justice in the US via @AJEnglish GOOD JOB EH! AL JAZEERA FAULT LINES @WABKINEW

Twitter: @lizwizCYLS