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Lawmakers call on FCC to reclassify broadband for net neutrality via @pcworld

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Your Next Psychologist May Prescribe 'The Legend of Zelda': When Carly McCullar, 32, was diagnosed with autism...

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What the hell is wrong with you corrupt bastards I mean seriously, how low has the FCC... #FCCNetNeutrality

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Late on this but @Handxguns @HeyitsFCC @State_Champs and everyone killed it tonight #PURENOISETOUR #handguns #statechamps #fcc

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RT @CarmenAdan: @FCC is looking for OutdoorSensors to monitor abandoned objects. Last days to submit your projects to #OIMP @SmartCityexpo …

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RT @ChasingBillA: FCC considers labeling @Redskins an offensive word for broadcast? @chasingspadea's head is gonna explode!…

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