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RT @PopResistance: We need 100s at the FCC mtg Dec 11 to demand reclassification! #NetNeutrality #NoCompromise http:…

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FCC Plans Phone Tax Hike

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RT @demandprogress: One more for team #NetNeutrality! Reed Hundt, FCC chairman from ’93-‘97 under Bill Clinton, agrees with Obama on NN: ht…

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#DishNetwork Targets Keep Rising as FCC Auction Passes $35 Billion - Barron's

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RT @OpenMedia_ca: FCC chairman and Big Telecom relationship may be even cozier than we thought #NetNeutrality

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T-Mobile agrees to help users accurately test for reduced data speeds

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Flash Boys
Michael Lewis, $10.62
Ham Radio For Dummies
H. Ward Silver, $13.46
2011-15 General Class
Gordon West, $21.89