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@lindsayell At 4am I'd need that in a feeding tube

Twitter: @Thunder_punch

Forums: double lumen in umbilical vein: hi, i'm working in nicu , in our hospital feeding tube is used for umb...

Twitter: @99nicu

@BirminghamMal explain big op Fri have stomach feeding tube fitted want to feel like a woman facial massage etc for Wed indigo rubbish.

Twitter: @vickybartlett

I've be reliant on my feeding tube, anti inflammatories and painkillers all weekend. back ache is the worst 🙅

Twitter: @m_gallagherx

#nowplaying Paul Flaherty & Chris Corsano - Low Cost Space Flights @GreatMusic Feeding Tube

Twitter: @AtBestIsKorny

My doctor asked to see a photo of me as a baby. This was me at 8 months, feeding tube and all. Still the same height!

Twitter: @saffydaffyduck