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What makes the saints two losses so bad is that they were both game ending field goals

Twitter: @SlimShaney4

RT @GippGoodie: @cthagod Man we missed 2 field goals OG!! I'm pissed lol#Bulldawgs..Zagga!!

Twitter: @thepresidentjb

Colts kicker just has 2 kick 2 field goals 2night

Twitter: @mason_walczak

@bobbysc7 hahahaha.....guess those missed field goals weren't that important...

Twitter: @DPsouthtradtion

Three turnovers, two missed field goals lead to the Lions first loss of the year.

Twitter: @StoneyandBill

The radio just said the lions should call up nick to kick some field goals for them 😂

Twitter: @Avery_Waldo