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Flu Shot on twitter
I heard getting a flu shot gives you the Flu

Twitter: @KaareemTv

EG Flu Tracking News NYPD Shooting Suspect Referenced Garner, Brown Cases - Wall Street Journal

Twitter: @EarthGerm

RT @DavidWolfeInfo: Now THAT'S a flu shot we can get behind! ;) (via David Wolfe)

Twitter: @wizardQi

@Hale_AlphaWolf Well, here's a hint: I haven't gotten my flu shot yet, and I can't turn at the right angle to give myself the shot. Hint.

Twitter: @Doctor_Shaw

RT @HartReikiCURES: Record number of #pregnant #woman refusing the flu vaccine.(Remember when we were told take nothing when pregnant?) htt…

Twitter: @DeeGeeWallis

@PRAlSEHEALY the problem is I've already had my flu shot so it may just be me having a cold

Twitter: @coexisthood

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