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#NO_FLU_Shot since '74 Not Happ'ng! NO COLDS since '74. NO Virus-based, Needle-borne, Chemically Enhanced, Gov't mandated annual injections

Twitter: @BishopSPope

@st3v3turn3r I know the flu shot is not 100 effective, but not getting it, is dangerous to your health, the people that work in hospital

Twitter: @TimothyPRylett

Flu Shot Causes Polio-like Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Are Rates Higher Than the Government Admits?...

Twitter: @heidifalvarez

@TorontoStar To flu shot, or not to flu shot: That is the question #healthcare #flushotdebate #allforit

Twitter: @juliatompkins_

Every girl is wearing shorts it's not even 20° out today. See you in the flu shot line bitch

Twitter: @jesseanus

The Shocking Truth About #Flu Deaths and the #FluShot! >> Natural News Blogs

Twitter: @DrBrentHunter