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Flu Vaccine on twitter I smell another 1979 swine flu fiasco coming. That "vaccine" was rushed and sickened over 1/2 US mil. @tgradous

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Flu season is quickly approaching. Find out who is recommended to get a higher-dose vaccine @HarvardHealth at

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The flu can spread to others. Not just affect you. #fluseason

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RT @terrysimpson: How many anti-vax people would get an Ebola vaccine but not a flu vaccine- just proves that logic doesn't prevail

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@MarketWatch we cannot even get flu vaccine to market how will we do this? The system is not prepared. They sent the patient home!!!

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RT @marathonjonn: Novavax develops #H7N9 bird #flu #vaccine with #nanoparticle adjuvant; #environmental effects? #CD…

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