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@JosephBolter this may have been a bit, but I could use your expertise. I sent you a text because cold and flu season doesn't hashtag well.

Twitter: @KatherineNotIRL

You have fever, muscle aches, chills & headache. It's flu season. It's the flu right? Nope could be #Ebola. #SecureTheBorder #tcot

Twitter: @LANURSE1

There is never a guarantee of which strains will be circulating, so every extra bit of protection is helpful,...

Twitter: @rosa_mystica

RT @_Jessie_ONeill_: "The scariest part of parties at this time of year is the fact that it's FLU SEASON!!!" - Waylon


get your shot like tomorrow if you haven't, it takes around two weeks to really work and flu season is upon us

Twitter: @me_irl

flu season... more like a giant pain in the ass -_-" i hate being sick

Twitter: @RichelleLovesYa