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Do You Want A Flu Shot? by The Refusers

Twitter: @bobby72033

@leegoldbergabc7 @abc7ny FLU COMING BACK not to late to get FLU SHOT

Twitter: @moosecar7

"We're all aware of how important it is to get a flu shot, Coach Cochran. Now please, sit down and finish your certification exam."

Twitter: @6pintsofkramer

Flu Shot Kills Healthy Teenager

Twitter: @rddw4282

@DrSapnaABC7 @ABC7NY @nycHealthy EVERYONE here in the #hudsonvalley is SICK. I got my flu shot, but am still coughing hard.

Twitter: @Hudsonvalleykid

@DrSapnaABC7 @nycHealthy @ABC7NY I got my flu shot back in October but I had a touch of something flu-like two weeks ago. I wonder.

Twitter: @djclearie