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Flu Shot on twitter
I feel the mind control from my flu shot kicking in already

Twitter: @JustinTheGray

My arm is super sore from the flu shot I got this morning :(

Twitter: @brookeegardner

Went to the doctor today lmao. She was really trying to force me to get that dumbass flu shot

Twitter: @ThaniaaaG

@GrantACrossley @DSU18 A referral for a flu shot? Everyone needs one- for themselves and those around them.

Twitter: @RoyalNibs

When they interview me for my 125th birthday and ask how I lived so long, my answer will be that I always got my flu shot every year.

Twitter: @donnyo

Most awkward flu shot ever....of all time submitted by TrickeyMcSticky to AdviceAnimals...

Twitter: @katiperrylove23

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