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Flu Shot on twitter
Get a Flu Shot While You Shop The CDC and flu experts recommend that just about everyone get a flu vaccination...

Twitter: @joclinicslive

@Crowtherclan *nods* I had the swine flu innit. Perils of Working in a pharmacy! I always get the shot now x


RT @frankeloise2: @KCarslin @dryheat115 @Cspen335 @WarriorsHart444 @donttreadonme65 DON'T FORGET YOUR FLU SHOT&TO BRING IN THE FRIENDS htt…

Twitter: @PVarkal

Flu shot on Thanksgiving...typical. #drdad #thisisnormal #ouch hrtsrgn5253

Twitter: @LenasJustSayin

RT @tfunnysaying: Don't think of it as a flu shot. Think of it as installing virus protection software.

Twitter: @Its_mclister

Flu shots on the go. Would you be more or less likely to get a flu shot if it was this easy?

Twitter: @THV11

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