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Foie gras (French for "fat liver") is "the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by gavage" (as defined by French lawFrench rural code
L654-27-1: "On entend par foie gras, le foie dun canard ou dune oie spécialement engraissé par gavage." ("By "foie gras"...
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@ABSCBNNews #Karma She should have feasted on kangkong. Maybe it's going to be pate de foie gras next?

Twitter: @ShoreTon

"@BloombergNews: Norwegian day-care serves King Crab,veal,foie gras & Kobe beef 2 kids aged 1 to 6 #WeirdNews

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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Please ban the trade of foie gras in Britain! via @Change

Twitter: @annette_astin

"I really foie-gras-ed myself this weekend!" — wife

Twitter: @smeggo

RT @Swirl_cakes: Who need Paris when you have @Avecbistro Foie Gras, outdoor patio and good friends.

Twitter: @Avecbistro

Millions of animals are suffering while the EU does nothing. Call for a crackdown on cruel, illegal foie gras

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