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@wessmith123 @clrih9 Cd he be right? More out of work (92.3M) Youth and black unemployment higher, More on food stamps/disability U like it?

Twitter: @RogerGascoigne

GOP: Disdain Demeaning Scandals Stunts #VoteBlue

Twitter: @JLownLaw

@kesgardner Democrats need to to purchase votes through programs like food stamps. Fortunately for taxpayers dead voters don't eat.

Twitter: @LowInfoTweeter

So I been on hold for 20 minutes. I better get some food stamps! Stupid interview process

Twitter: @DoubleDDez

@focusedmain @rolandsmartin Seems the ppl are smart. Buying votes with food stamps shows u he cant win with leadership. Policies are wrong!

Twitter: @JohnClabough

RT @sonsus111: @usrdxzdz @SenTedCruz @SpeakerBoehner did you know that Ga has a high unemployment rate. Have you checked to see how many f…

Twitter: @usrdxzdz