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RT @1stbornAmerican: States Reinstitute Work Requirements for Food Stamps @NCPA

Twitter: @BiznessDeal

@JAKE_DWIGHT but that would mean I would have to receive food stamps and tell my parents to stop working to mooch off of other people :(

Twitter: @WyattSmith_

MOOCHER SHAME FILE- Amanda Clayton-STILL collecting food stamps, bought new car & new house. #RedNationRising

Twitter: @RetiredMoonBoot

#Povertymeans the rich profit off you. #JPMorgan made $5 billion off #foodstamps cards in 2010: @talkpoverty @wvdawg

Twitter: @altforgetful

RT @shitsheehysays: Everyday is payday, except for that lady cause she's probably on food stamps!

Twitter: @chris_amplo

When somebody let you use some of they food stamps 👐 they the real MVP

Twitter: @lilyflower____