Topic: Food Prices
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Food Prices on twitter
Go to Jaks on virginia Highlands in Atlanta. Good prices. Great food and an amazing environment. Coolest place I been to in Atlanta in a min

Twitter: @SirInkredable

i just blew 45$ in under 40 minutes thank u ridiculous canadian food prices

Twitter: @summerhalls

Greedy bastards “@KCBSNews: $5.75 for a bottle of water and $12 for wine or a burger. A first look at #LevisStadium food prices #49ers”

Twitter: @section107

If you can't afford the food your eating or dislike the prices & you constantly complain how ridiculous it is then DONT EAT THERE.

Twitter: @geexbomb

49ers Unveil Levi's Stadium food/drink cost --

Twitter: @Jnyflower is an online high end food store. Free shipping, same day shipping, lowest prices #FoodieFollows #foodies #recipes

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