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RT @DocInRealLife: Sanders barreling along, Peyton lobs one just out of his reach OHH WHAT A FREIGHT TRAIN HIT BY MCLEOD, WHAT A SEISMIC CO…

Twitter: @STL_Matthew_Q

like a freight train, it crashes hard to the back of my head

Twitter: @ffereirawoo

And a freight train running through the middle of my head, only you can cool my desire #ohimonfire

Twitter: @SteveKavz

RT @BigCat1081: @Majestic_Lion48 Devan "freight train" Brady

Twitter: @Majestic_Lion48

Damn @6ErikJohnson is like a freight train #outtamyway

Twitter: @jenniferatti

#WFAAearthquake We felt the earthquake in N.Dallas (Royal & Hillcrest), which shook the house-felt & sounded like a freight train.YIKES!

Twitter: @PatTeeling

Freight Train Books
The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book
Carl W. Hart, $8.99
Inside Freight Train
Donald Crews, $4.04
The Fall of Berlin 1945
Antony Beevor, $7.49
Freight Train
Donald Crews, $2.44