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Microsoft shipped 1.1 million Xbox consoles in Q2 2014... Hot on #theneeds #Xbox

Twitter: @tn_Xbox

Again, just to be clear, I would rather Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft continue to make game consoles. It's better for everyone.

Twitter: @plsburydoughboy

I don't have children so being 21 and spending money on video game consoles and games is acceptable. 👌

Twitter: @Janna_Sheree

Price change or recent release product: Ps3 Slim Vinyl Skin Sticker Decal for..

Twitter: @CzmVideoGames

#Order your #game consoles now! #XboxOne #XboxOne #PS4 #PS4 #gaming

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@Dr_Zero7114 Yeah. In my case I know it'd be worth it to me because it's an indie game getting released on the Playstation consoles--

Twitter: @TeaOfJay

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