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@BlushBunnyC3 I can't believe your game consoles of that vintage are still operational!

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#Order your #game consoles now! #XboxOne #XboxOne #PS4 #PS4 #gaming

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Price change or recent release product: NuoYa001 Skin Sticker Cover For PS3 P..

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God these KIDS these days with their expensive game consoles! WE had to play our games on consoles that ALSO cost hundreds of dollars!

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@No_Scruggs @wkuCONFESSIONS1 I'm not one of those "XBOX OR NOTHING" fans. I like both consoles, honestly. But Play Station doesn't make game

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Although @Sony claims to have no official mascot for its game systems/consoles, I still consider Crash Bandicoot to be it!

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