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@EA have you guys ever considered ‘retroing’ a game, like re-releasing it for Next Gen consoles? Def Jam fights for NY perhaps?

Twitter: @ZaireKhalid

ok u know what game u guys should play... mana khemia... to this day it still inspires me omg i bought that game for 2 consoles,,

Twitter: @infurnal

@JeffriedRice @Nazm315 then buy me game consoles

Twitter: @mcollie_

@I_AM_WILDCAT issues so I sold a toooon of my stuff, consoles and all included. It's the only game Ive been playing and it finally got to me

Twitter: @TheRagingWade

GTA V remains the top played game on consoles at GG, and it's coming soon to Xbox One's at the store!

Twitter: @TheGalaxyGaming

RT @ariannekberg: we keep pottery and candles next to our game consoles so ppl know girls live here

Twitter: @lachevis

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