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@BeerStix yeah I know, but I have both consoles anyway so why not get both game versions

Twitter: @Aegislash

A comparison and History of Game Consoles

Twitter: @Innarellivibe

@dcseifert you get a free Pokemon for the low low price of buying the same game on two separate consoles

Twitter: @AaronIsSocial

@AKJoshi9 technically went out of their way to get the game on both consoles they're available for.

Twitter: @ThatWriterKino

@Opsive Game is probably going to only be on consoles and desktop so memory isn’t really a concern. Think I’m about 120 right now

Twitter: @AshBlueWD

Let’s look at each #game console’s line-up of exclusives for #holiday 2014 (Engadget) #games

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