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Gas Prices on twitter
RT @BRios82: Gas prices⬇ Unemployment rate⬇ Jobs⬆ Dow⬆ Deficit⬇ Healthcare √ Bin Laden Dead √ GM √ Cuba √ Immigration Action √ Thanks Obama…

Twitter: @gomappy3

Just talked about gas prices with my relatives... Is this what being an adult is like

Twitter: @thatWatkinsKid

RT @shorepinstripes: If the gas prices keep going down that would be okay with me

Twitter: @GregKfromNJ

RT @TheDanielGerth: These gas prices are more attractive than I am

Twitter: @Ayyy_JayJay

RT @Traphik: Woo these low ass gas prices got me pushin the middle button! Feelin like a king!!! Lol

Twitter: @donnluu

@CostaSamaras always arguable that they are indirect competitors due to coupling of oil/gas prices. Of course these may have now decoupled.

Twitter: @CountCarbon