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A #diabetes-friendly guide to a healthy Thanksgiving plate #DiabetesHealthEquity

Twitter: @PforDHE

the thing they don't tell you about new york is that someone is always saying "momofuko" in your general vicinity

Twitter: @iluvbutts247

@MB0923 Agreed with today's signings, yes, but I'm saying in general. I didn't want them to go to Yanks anyway

Twitter: @jason_kaleta

Deathnote had me thinking so much about death in general, and I've never watched such an intriguing and scary anime before.

Twitter: @yungbrownboy

Cheers to friends, family, fun with Timbers Resorts!

Twitter: @timbersresorts

I met the boss 'Snatchins' General' and won him in Mystery Manor! Come celebrate with me, I've got a present for you!

Twitter: @MannyTeixeira4