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Sunshine and golf. Well spent Saturday #golf #golfsaturday (@ Brambleton Golf Course in Ashburn, VA)

Twitter: @dilipshenoyh

Our hotel has a mini golf course...kinda. It's totally run-down and broken and there are actual tumbleweeds. I love…

Twitter: @gooddayhoward

ozskier: The mountain may be closed, but the show must go on. Lake Tahoe Golf Course, 3:30-6:30. Free concert! #Pa…

Twitter: @Lake_Fun

... So It Goes!!! @ Tower Tee Golf Course and Recreation Complex

Twitter: @CLBohannon

Thang G for living in the sticks and only living 7 minutes away from the golf course 😂 #shamrock

Twitter: @kaitschultz2

@oliverdarcy @theblaze can't we just build him a golf course at @WhiteHouse so we don't have to pay for all the trips? #WasteFraudAbuse

Twitter: @BigRose25