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@betabetic Don't know GPs at my own practice well enough to do that. And if boot on foot id want to see before prescribing

Twitter: @jamie_wallis

@bournewebsite Have you seen the impressive oil seed sowing machinery operating on Meadow Drove today? All GPS! @mortonbg

Twitter: @mortonbg

Regarding iOS CLLocation API CLLocationCoordinate2DIsValid, how does OS treat GPS valid or not? Regarding iOS C...

Twitter: @ios_stack

RT @Light_Life_Love: Intuition is the GPS of your soul.

Twitter: @KatieWinrow

Driving to Porto Alegre. ETA 7:53 AM using @waze - Social GPS.

Twitter: @andrezacos

RT @TIME: An Australian sheepdog has finally revealed how a canine can control a rebellious flock

Twitter: @alisha1234m

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