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Does 911 get GPS coordinates from cellphone callers?

Twitter: @PhoenixAllNews

Application the lg revisionism as la gps electronic heater: surUeHuGP

Twitter: @ThomsonBrenda1

Gps says I'll be there in 22. Supposed to be there in 6. Oops.

Twitter: @ashlee_aksamit

@c_e_pennington if you want a slow gps file just shout.....

Twitter: @markplume

Driving to Yogyakarta. ETA 4:17 PM using @waze - Social GPS.

Twitter: @erestajaya

RT @DailyRapFacts: Kanye installed a GPS tracking device on @KimKardashian's cell phone so he knows where she is at all times.

Twitter: @TeAmoJay

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