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RT @arezumirbaha: school honestly isn't even about learning anymore, it's about getting a good grade

Twitter: @lorenzooo_23

remember when p much the entire school watched thecomputernerd01 in 6th grade bc i remember tht tht was a good time

Twitter: @gothskarth

RT @AthIeteFession: Got expelled from school while in 2nd grade cause I got a blowjob by a 6th grader. Everyone calls me king now. -IHS

Twitter: @HeatoLiam

The only good thing about Pakistan is literally going to school lmaoo I love 11th grade 😂👌

Twitter: @_sabaaaaaa

Second grade student claims he was beaten up on his school bus

Twitter: @Global_Montreal

Hey, body! I know the whole "get sick every time you have a break" thing has been fun since, oh, grade school. But can we skip it this week?

Twitter: @ktin520