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@BishopCLW Its interesting that Pastors keep spoon feeding people these grade school principals. Really folks.believe God & grow up.

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@AIKI_ZVEZDA I had to have it from 7th-9th grade in order to get into high school or whatever it's called

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Lil sister be kicking asses at high school now..... number 1 in Grade 8

Twitter: @Philaboi1

High School Student: I should get a higher grade! College Student: Just give me that damn 3.0 for Pete's sake! šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜­

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RT @DJTYE203: @VenusFlyTrpNoir I see both sides of the coin. My charter is run like a magnet school. We have 25-50% sped in one 7th grade cā€¦

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My little brother left for some sleep over at his school, thank goodness.. I had one in 3rd grade omf

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