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not understand why my mom buys crunchy granola bars knowing i only like chewy stuff.

Twitter: @candiparkerr

Dear @KashiFoods, your crunchy granola bars that break into little sticks are the perfect spoon substitute when eating yogurt. Thank you!

Twitter: @disasterandrew

"Are we back to chewy granola bars after our period of crunchy?" and other important questions at work today

Twitter: @_dianad

@ThatDamnZakeya they got baked chips & granola bars 😤😤😤

Twitter: @Jas_Garnett

Featuring Sweet and Salty Homemade Granola Bars on the blog! Very #healthy and super delicious: #food

Twitter: @claudiacookbook

My moms concerned abt my health when I go away bc I'm such a picky eater so she bought like a 6 month supply of granola bars lol

Twitter: @HarperDemir