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Greenhouse Gases on twitter
@uranther @aeonmag @SpaceX we rly gotta be careful making an AI with the goal of "teraform though greenhouse gases" keep it shackled!

Twitter: @andyypants

RT @UberFacts: A new study has shown it's 99.999% likely that global warming has been caused by human influence and greenhouse gases.

Twitter: @_RanduDelgado

RT @marindailynews: Stanford study links greenhouse gases to California drought: California's extraordinary drought is linked to the… http:…

Twitter: @j_p_browne

@NASA I agree its getting warmer but its not just because of greenhouse gases. The earth has done this before without humans being here.

Twitter: @meimmark

The jury's been out on whether this drought is natural, man-made, or some combo of the 2. What do you think?

Twitter: @TheLongestStraw

I have to do a stupid presentation on greenhouse gases

Twitter: @heartbeatlucas