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Confession time. I pulled the Canadarm's finger. Greenhouse gasses/Global warming. My fault. Sorry. #globalwarming

Twitter: @RCWeslowski

@wintercow20 No, WC. In the Bay Area hummus, not humus, is a major source of greenhouse gasses. Watch the garlic.

Twitter: @hcw1297

We have less than 10 years to change the amount of greenhouse gasses produced, before the effect becomes irreversible, wow

Twitter: @WelshMarcus

🎶A kingdom of greenhouse gasses only bill nye seems to care🎶

Twitter: @jeromes_coffee

and greenhouse gasses

Twitter: @haimdola2

Greenhouse gasses are good. Just look how plants grow inside a greenhouse. It's wonderful! #ClimateChange

Twitter: @denybot6000