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GG is anti-bullying like coal companies doing research on carbon sequestration are anti-greenhouse gasses.

Twitter: @ZenSaiyuki

@MasterMind5151 We know what gasses produce a greenhouse effect. We raised these levels. We also induce global dimming(which hippies ignore)

Twitter: @VictorLicata1

@CapWithTheStrap greenhouse gasses

Twitter: @TheJuanAndOnly0

Animal agriculture is the source of 51% of all greenhouse gasses.

Twitter: @Mikhaylayoung

@John_Gardi: The possible cooling trend may be a blessing, giving us some leeway to control greenhouse gasses, but space travel may suffer.

Twitter: @John_Gardi

there is no snow on the mountain tonight only sulphur in the air a kingdom of greenhouse gasses only bill nye seems to care

Twitter: @thethrillerera