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@newliteracy I was most convinced by Pollan's argument when he said how much greenhouse gasses are created simply by the way we eat

Twitter: @Adam_Card7

I think the most convincing facet of this analysis is how much of the modern food we eat is full of oil and greenhouse gasses. @newliteracy

Twitter: @ryannelson1313

@VioB77 That would be on account of the greenhouse gasses and particulate matter released by my blasphemy. @Atheist_Eh

Twitter: @athyvaya

@_afrodeity I mean you can check scientific studies, there is a correlation between the amount of greenhouse gasses and the things I listed.

Twitter: @Rey_Morado

RT @ArianeLaxo: We've increased thickness of atmosphere 43%, trapping more greenhouse gasses #greenbuild @KHayhoe

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RT @NJ_CA_KY_Girl: Cattle being raised for food production, are the #1 cause of greenhouse gasses, creating more than all the cars on the p…

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