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Darn grocery stores for not being open on Labor Day, and darn Chinese restaurants for always being open... I hate cheating on a diet Dx

Twitter: @daniellesfoster

does anyone know if grocery stores close early on Labor Day?

Twitter: @uhlalalexis

The oddly named things you find in grocery stores...

Twitter: @AmalfiPhoto

@_GoodVibez I thought yall stayed far from each other how da hell u see em at Grocery stores....yall takin road trips for food now

Twitter: @DealinG_Tweets

RT @dmerrifieldXO: Id love to drown my back to school sorrows in icecream.... But the grocery stores are closed......

Twitter: @SabrinaRamnath

I hate going to grocery stores bc my cravings take over my credit card and next thing you know I'm buying everything in that damn store

Twitter: @Geezlouisebri

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