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If I buy ground beef from the butcher on Tuesday, will it still be ok to cook on Thursday? (if I refrigerate, obvs)

Twitter: @oriharakaoru

Getting to be that time of year. Homemade Chili with some ground Italian sausage, ground beef,…

Twitter: @StateofHoss

@FitCosmos @MaskedRazzle I'm not ground beef. I'm air beef

Twitter: @Squishini

Smothered Burritos | thats some good ... - #food #recipes #cooking #baking #desserts

Twitter: @EdibleTreats2

@wbangcaHD Yes- brown or purple ground beef indicates the meat was packed tightly and O2 has a harder time to reach centre. Perfectly safe.

Twitter: @LoblawsON

RT @lousynickname: Rigatoni alla Panna con Formaggio: Pasta with ground beef, tomatoes and cream topped with cheese #foodie…

Twitter: @Paulina7190