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Under #Tory PMs in 50s & 60s we had 90p top rates of tax & economy was booming, so high rates don't hinder growth #CPC14 #bbcnews #Cameron

Twitter: @Green_Adz87

What are you more sure about? Future interest rates or future rates of economic growth?

Twitter: @khakieconomist

RT @moderateright: State GDP Growth rates for 2013-14, UP:5.14%, Uttarakhand:5.6%, Bihar:9.92%, WB: 8.62%, Jharkhand:8.91% and MP:11.08%

Twitter: @arunmcops

Hedge funds reduce their bets on the rising cost of gold: The rates of hedge funds on growth dynamics continue...

Twitter: @MasterforexVcom

Military outlook for GaAs devices to outstrip commercial market growth rates

Twitter: @sentwistle1419

RT @BankersRock: The new normal, low growth, inflation and rates @PaulGambles2 @TIMGOLDFINCH @CapitalJon @Lars9596

Twitter: @PaulGambles2

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