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Pat Sajak Mocks Gun Control Arguments: 'Ban Sleds Now!'

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Disarmed : The Missing Movement for Gun Control in America by Kristin A. Goss...

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@seekhimout @LibertarianTeam all of what I said happening. no gun control/no healthcare intervention/no environmental laws = all libertarian

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RT @MarineReconDad: LOL Wait a minute. You don't like HOA rules and don't want to be under control, yet you want to control gun owners. @An…

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RT @azmike2001: CHRIS COX, NRA-ILA Executive Director: Obama ammo ban is about gun control, not gun safety

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RT @2AFight: #NRA vindicated by #Newtown school board: armed guards. READ > #2A #tcot #tgdn #PJNET…

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