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RT @AmyMek: Shameless! Brady campaign uses #MarysvilleShooting 2 push #GunControl ballot.. #tcot #NRA #2A http://t.c…

Twitter: @shamgar002

RT @EndNRA: "@MammaLon @blcinsd the crime in Detroit is strait up due to gun control" y does crossing a lake 4 >>> regs = peaceful toronto?…

Twitter: @jcalderon566

@kthorjensen I was saying that about more than that particular tweet. Gun control came up after the USU fiasco.

Twitter: @LeSabot

We dont need gun control what we need is IDIOT CONTROL! The friggin libs even wanna stick their noses in this! … …

Twitter: @AngryCBrown

RT @WayneDupreeShow: Just in case liberals want to use gun control before the's my message to you #2A #tcot…

Twitter: @RedLugh

I'm for more gun control and safety. Always maintain control of your guns when shooting! #safetyfirst…

Twitter: @JCorbanO