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RT @charlescwcooke: Because if anything will destroy America, it’s government paying a price for violating the rights of the citizenry. htt…

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Now is not the time for weaker gun laws

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RT @Gun_Shots: DC enacted the nations most restrictive gun laws in 1976. The city's murder rate rose 134% through 1996, while the national …

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@wino75 Canada passed gun control laws out of fear. So, your whole premise is wrong. @LiberalMyopia @cleflore23 @jaycutlersux @DVCMAC

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[WA] State poll finds schools, gun laws top voters’ concerns Ask Frank Chopp about school funding! @VoteSpear

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A toad of an ex, a prince . . . maybe, evil almost-in-laws, and a Taser gun. What could go wrong? #RomCom #ChickLit

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