Topic: Hand Grenades
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Hand Grenades on twitter
..and beat the inside of your uterus with baseball bats blasting heavy metal music and playing around with hand grenades.. like, for fun.

Twitter: @4FreePeople

Sometimes life is more like a box a live hand grenades than chocolates. #hillbilly

Twitter: @stevierey

Hand Grenades - Write This Down #wxgn #nowplaying #listenlive

Twitter: @WXGN

"Close enough" isn't. Readers shouldn't have to figure out what you mean. #writing #pubtips

Twitter: @textcpr

@SirAlexWay hahaha massive club Liverpool. Balloteli is Suarez with a suntan. Both social hand grenades.... Time bombs.... Tick tick tick

Twitter: @dangerousbrian9

Hurricanes, Cherry Bomb, Hand Grenades - why all these drinks gotta be so violent? #NewOrleans

Twitter: @BrandonBaker

Hand Grenades Books
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