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RT @Lonnie_Kochran: @EGraham318 hand grenades and all >> 😩😂😂 bit got us shooting everything

Twitter: @EGraham318

these girls throwin 🐱 like hand grenades

Twitter: @connerladner

@TheOrangeCone only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades lol

Twitter: @RVansczska

These hoes out here throwing pussy like hand grenades and yall still raping little girls and boys this world is fucked up

Twitter: @KingTech_

@offspring you've come a long way since "Hand Grenades," gents.

Twitter: @AndyHallRadio

If caroleeeeee didn't have to go on the cruiseeeee I could be in Nola for the day sipppppin on hand grenades!

Twitter: @hannahrenaye

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Piwik Web Analytics Essentials
Stephan A.Miller, $40.49