Topic: Hand Grenades
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Hand Grenades on twitter
@MllePilgrim Wait.... 40mm launched smoke grenades or hand-lobbed? (40mm is just ignoring ALL the safety precautions)

Twitter: @Ascii211

These hoes throwing pussy like hand grenades don't let it blow up in ya face slime

Twitter: @hks_5_

RT @OneStopCountry: RECAP - STEVENS POINT, WI - Central Waters Brewing CO welcomes Horseshoes & Hand Grenades today -

Twitter: @todaycountrymag

@Neroli_M_FOX @FOXSportsNews get on there and bowl a few hand grenades at him neroli! 👊

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These hoes throwin that pussy like hand grenades

Twitter: @Kylelamar_6

hoes throwin pussy like hand grenades

Twitter: @inkinkywetrust

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