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RT @tylerrjoseph: “@KrusaderKush: Don't hate on me but twenty one pilots tho >>>” Gross

Twitter: @dirty_crimes

Reading about these hate crimes make me so emotional, it's so fucked up what people did.

Twitter: @FentyCunti

@regentoforigin @GigawattConduit @keltar93 !~*~ Hate Crimes ~*~!

Twitter: @LadyOfFrost

"Animorphs: A history of Duck Dynasty hate crimes" #RedneckABook @midnight

Twitter: @KennyWait

@PreservPartyUSA: Report race hate crimes using the "..." within each tweet. @nastyblackexcon #WhiteAnonymous #IAmWhiteAmerica

Twitter: @PreservPartyUSA

@GracieAffirmate @D0NNIE_BRASC0 @ZaffodB well, I can't wait to testify against you when your hate crimes get you 20- life. Hope u r pretty!

Twitter: @seedywumps