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@Clarrkey does Dwyer have a history of concussions and head trauma? Even if so, I don't give him a pass

Twitter: @keithirizarry

@keithirizarry Of course I have to make sure I say I don't condone it. But I wonder what role concussions and head trauma plays.

Twitter: @Clarrkey

RT @lynnerussnews1: @PatrickHMoore1 I, myself, survived brain surgery, but not due 2direct trauma. I can only imagine what getting whacked …

Twitter: @PatrickHMoore1

@Raphdilla Its getting really hard to deny the role of repeated head trauma and steroids with these cases.

Twitter: @Kose4by4

@ArcadeSushi I can't un-know it now! At least, not without blunt force trauma to the head.

Twitter: @strictmachine

RT @Joe_Schmucc: "I only gave you head trauma and scarring around your genital area because I love you."

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