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RT @OrganicLiveFood: Studies show main ingredient in #licorice antioxidant liquiritin can increase immune system/lower risk of #Candida htt…

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@yxxngi @kitparadox Nope! ^^ I don't drink otherwise~ I just like the health benefits of red wine--

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RT @MMitchellAuthor: I find knitting so be so soothing. Depending on how you hold the needles you can replicate and stimulate various... ht…

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RT @harleenas: Health Benefits Of Coffee And Tea Revealed (Infographic) - Aha!NOW -

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"How Your Body Benefits From Massage >>" #Fact #HE #HeartsAreSilent

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RT @eatmacrobiotic: MT @PlantDietitian: 8 #Plants with unexpected #Health benefits: @RodaleNews @genebaur #Food http…

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